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Don’t be caught short – be Good to Go Anywhere!!



Don’t be caught short – be Good to Go Anywhere!!

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

For many people the lasting memory of a music festival is not of their favourite performer, but of the awful toilets!  Don’t let terrible toilets be your lasting memory of a great festival by carrying a new little product – Good to Go Anywhere.

Each pocket-sized sachet strip consists of a combination of disinfectant surface wipes, absorbent tissues and sanitising handwipes – everything you need to deal with the hygiene perils of life on the go but without the inconvenience of bulky packs of wipes or leaky bottles of sanitiser.

Charlotte Tomlin initially developed Good to Go Anywhere in response to dirty toilets that often lacked loo paper, soap or handtowels but soon realised that having surface wipes, tissues and handwipes together in robust sachet strips was extremely versatile:

“The strips are fantastic at festivals as you’re eating on the go, camping and using terrible toilets – often all in mud!”

“It’s a real nuisance to have to carry round big packs of wipes, toilet roll and sanitising gel or to keep walking back to your tent to get them – especially if your favourite band is playing.  Good to Go Anywhere in your bag or pocket means you can be prepared wherever you are.”

In addition to providing a unique mix of wet wipes with dry tissues, Good to Go Anywhere wet wipes are not simply anti-bacterial but are also effective against a broad range of yeast, fungi and viruses and they use 99.9% naturally derived ingredients with no alcohol or parabens.

“Many wipes on the market don’t effectively sanitise surfaces or hands, contain nasty chemicals, can’t be flushed or are unsuitable for certain parts of the body,” explained Tomlin. “We wanted our wet wipes to be harsh on germs but not on you or your little ones and use naturally derived ingredients.  Our dry tissues are super-absorbent and can be used on delicate areas so no need to fear loos without loo paper anymore!  All our wipes and tissues are flushable and biodegradable and the soothing Aloe vera fragrance won’t leave you smelling like a wet wipe all day!”

The sachet strips have been designed for maximum convenience.  The sachets are colour coded for ease of use, lightweight and can be folded up small enough for a pocket.  Perforations mean than any unused sachets can be torn off and saved for later and if used wipes aren’t being flushed and there is no bin around, they can be stored in the empty sachet and disposed of later.

There are currently two versions of the sachet strips.  Good to Go Anywhere are suitable for anyone and Good to Go Anywhere with Kids is designed for life with young children.

Good to Go Anywhere can be bought online at in boxes of three strips for £2.49 or as seven unboxed loose strips for £4.99.  There are a growing number of stockists across the UK.

For additional information contact:

Charlotte Tomlin [020 8506 9533 or].

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