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100% natural skin care



100% natural skin care

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

A  new skincare product for young people launches today, and the company is challenging the natural skin care industry to clean up its act on misleading packaging and use of the word ‘natural’. JooMo Ltd., have developed a 100% natural face wash, their industry research shows many big name skin care brands that claim to be natural are in fact far from it, with many using ingredients found in drain cleaner and others that have been linked to breast cancer.

The creators of JooMo, Nick Wallen and Linda Russell, embarked on an extensive research campaign to identify and address the problem areas, and a brilliant new range was created.  Nick and Linda looked at the product as a whole rather than individual ingredients.

JooMo face wash, which uses 100% natural ingredients, includes the revolutionary skin care product SaponinJ, which is a proprietary skin repair system. SaponinJ deals with existing skin problems, repairs the damage caused by synthetic products and rebuilds the skin’s natural defences to prevent future allergies, infection and inflammation. The product is specially designed for young skin, which is particularly sensitive and prone to acne and blackheads.

SaponinJ consists of a specially balanced formula of Saponins, Essential Oils, Sea Salt, Natural Sugars, Natural pH Modifiers, natural Antioxidants, Natural Softeners and Emollients.

When natural doesn’t mean natural!

The research undertaken by Nick and the JooMo team found that the majority of leading skincare brands that use the word ‘natural’ in their branding and marketing messages, actually contain many unnatural ingredients.
Ingredients like Polyaminopropyl Biguanide, which is actually a disinfectant also used in cleaning solution for contact lenses, was found in a whole host of leading brands that carry the word ‘natural’ including one male grooming brand that carries the message ‘Natural Skin Care’ and ‘Natural Grooming’.

Claims such as  ‘Unbeatable product performance- naturally’ and puts the success of the product down to ‘The Power of Plants’ fail to mention that its product actually contains 20 unnatural ingredients including Disodium Phosphate which is also used as a food additive to quicken cooking time.

Nick added: “We are not trying to say that the leading face wash products do not work, we simply feel that it is unfair to products like JooMo which are truly 100% natural, for brands to make completely false claims in their marketing and branding to mislead consumers.”


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