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Dangers of Tanning Beds – Increased Risk of Skin Cancer!!

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Dangers of Tanning Beds – Increased Risk of Skin Cancer!!

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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Why oh why do we need to have a study to tell us this.  Ok it still feels like winter and you’ve forgotten what a tan is but get down to your local salon for your tan in a can or do the perfect home treatment with our hot tanning tips.

Sun beds are dangerous and they have been linked to cancer!!!

Not, they might be harmful – they are harmful!!  In this day and age of spray tans and fantastic home use products do we need to keep  banging on about it!!

Once the almost exclusive domain of bodybuilders, tanning beds can be found in almost every town and are frequently used by men and women of all ages. In fact, their use is on the rise among the younger population, where tans are equated with a healthy, athletic lifestyle. Unfortunately the millions people who go to tanning salons are taking risks with their health.

Tanorexics  are prepared to risk skin cancer for a session on the sun bed and a New Jersey mother has allegedly allowed her young 5 year old daughter in to the tanning booth with her.

The risks are numerous and can be life threatening; everything from infections and burns to skin cancer. A study, which appeared in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, details the increased risk associated with melanoma.

This new study is one of the largest to assess the skin cancer risk that tanning beds pose. It included 1,167 melanoma patients, as well as a control group consisting of age- and gender-matched people. Researchers found an increased risk among users of tanning beds, whether they were high-speed machines (which emit some UVB rays) and high-pressure machines (which emit mostly UVA rays).

Consumers using tanning beds had a 74 percent increased risk for melanoma compared to those who never frequented a tanning salon. And for those who spend more than 50 hours under those indoor UV rays, the risk triples. Even worse, the newer high-pressure tanning beds can increase the risk to four times.

“Although some people think that a tan gives them a ‘healthy’ glow, any tan is a sign of skin damage,” says Sharon Miller, M.S.E.E., a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scientist and international expert on UV radiation and tanning. “A tan is the skin’s reaction to exposure to UV rays,” says Miller. “Recognizing exposure to the rays as an ‘insult,’ the skin acts in self-defense by producing more melanin, a pigment that darkens the skin. Over time, this damage will lead to prematurely aged skin and, in some cases, skin cancer.”

Not to mention, wrinkles, dried up and pigmented skin.  We need more celebs to speak out for fake tans!!


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