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Lose weight for summer

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Lose weight for summer

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Written by: Hannah
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Think you’ve left it too late to look good in your bikini this summer? Think again. Here are my top tips to help you lose a few pounds in time for the summer and keep the weight off whilst on holiday:
• Ditch the junk- hard as it can be, junk food tends to have little nutritional value but high in Calories. A lot of Calories can be saved by eating 3 meals a day based on fresh food.
• Get exercising- it doesn’t have to be anything to vigorous but getting more active will help your metabolism increase and burn Calories. Plus, after exercise, your metabolic rate remains higher meaning you burn Calories faster.
• Switch to water. Water has no Calories but is vital to the body functioning at its optimum level. Even being slightly dehydrated can affect you and your mood.
• Get some sleep- Aim for 7 or 8 hours a day
• Up your fruit and vegetable content to fight off nasty bugs on aeroplanes and other forms of public transport
Instead of crash dieting before a holiday, eat healthily and try to continue eating healthily while you are on holiday. Swap Calorific cocktails for drinks like vodka and diet coke which have around 50 Calories per shot.
When eating out, avoid creamy sauces and dressings. Ask for a salad dressing on the side so you can add a little if you want. Not having a desert will save you Calories and money too.
If the hotel you’re staying at has a pool, why not swim every day. It’s a great form of exercise for all ages as it is gentle on joints and kids love it too. If the weather isn’t too hot, you could go for a walk to explore the local area too rather than driving or using public transport.
If you have any questions on healthy eating whilst on holiday, email Hannah on or visit the website

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