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Written by: Ruth Amos
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I am so excited to have this wonderful lady, guest blog for me. I met Cleo a few years ago and love what she does! I will let her tell you in her own words, but she is so FAB!

Hi girls! My name is Cleo Lacey I and I am an Image Consultant and Personal Shopper (a bit like Gok but better!). I have a serious passion for fashion and all things stylish and thank my lucky stars every day that I have THE best job in the world!

We all know that when we look in the mirror and we look good, we FEEL good. We are at our happiest when we have high levels of self-esteem and wearing the right clothes naturally stimulates our self-confidence.  Although a lot of this is about styling, it is so much more than that. I absolutely love seeing my clients develop each season, gaining confidence, empowerment and above all, happiness. There is nothing more rewarding to me than witnessing that moment of realisation that what Mother Nature gave them actually isn’t that bad. I teach my clients to embrace what they have, learning how to dress for it and love it! Life’s too short not to.

After my degree in Business Management and Marketing I knew that whatever path I chose needed to involve fashion so I decided to become a Fashion Buyer and went to do a graduate training scheme with John Lewis. I knew quickly that I wanted to progress and although the training was fantastic, I was still in my early twenties and wasn’t ready for such a corporate background. I then went to work for Ragdale Hall Health Spa and became the Buyer for their boutique and gift shop for almost 5 years. I absolutely loved it and still miss buying to this day. However I was living at home and wanted to broaden my horizons and experience so I went to work for Amanda Wakeley in London. I was the Store Manager at Bicester Village and loved every minute of it. Due to personal reasons I had to move back to Nottingham and upon this adjustment, decided to start my own business. I had loved dressing the celebrities that came into the store but my passion and job satisfaction came from the normal everyday women that needed help. I am a real woman, with curves in all the places I don’t want them but because of this, over the years I have learnt to dress in ways to flatter my figure rather than hide it. Like I always say, you can’t change Mother Nature, but you certainly can disguise her! I loved helping mums, grandmas and all those in between, dress for what god gave them. It makes shopping so much easier and a lot more fun!

I like to offer a fresh and vibrant yet realistic and personal approach tailored to any body shape, personality, lifestyle and budget. I am simply a real woman helping real women to look and feel fabulous.  My clients text and email me all the time, checking they are not making expensive mistakes, asking for an honest and professional opinion, call me their Fairy Clothes Mother, invite me to their birthday parties and above all become friends. Like I said, I have THE best job in the world.

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Ruth Amos
I lead a busy and exciting life, I do many things, but throughout all of these i have a love for Beauty- hair, makeup, clothing, excercise and general health. I am not a professional, im just a normal girl blogging about what I love

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