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Science tells us what we knew all along …..

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Science tells us what we knew all along …..

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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It’s official women actually experience memory loss during the menopause, hello!! did we need a team of scientists to tell us that!

University scientists have confirmed that it is typical for women to get ‘brain fog’  or experience forgetfulness.  A study of 75 women of ages 40 to 60 was completed to research the problem and what is happening to the braind during menopause..

Dr Weber, Ph.D., the neuropsychologist at the University of Rochester Medical Center who led the study explains :

“The most important thing to realize is that there really are some cognitive changes that occur during this phase in a woman’s life … If a woman approaching menopause feels she is having memory problems, no one should brush it off or attribute it to a jam-packed schedule. She can find comfort in knowing that there are new research findings that support her experience. She can view her experience as normal.”

Tests were done on attention span over time and the ability to learn and manipulate new information.  It was found that only some of the problems were linked to memory loss.

The  menoapuse can bring on a whole array of other problems from depression and anxiety to hot flushes and sleep difficulties.  Hormone levels of estrdiol and follicle stimulating hormone were also measured.

Those who complained of having a foggy memory actually found that they did poorly on memory tests, they experienced problems with adding up mentally or adjusting a schedule, problems were also experienced on a long drive or getting through a long book.

Simple tasks like remembering shopping lists didn’t seem to be so much of a concern but hormone levels often have a link with sleeping difficulties and anxiety .

Science is finally catching up with what we’ve known all along, there is a transitional period experienced from being reproductive to having gone through ‘the change’, I don’t think we needed a man to tell us that.

Dr Webber concludes that :

“There really is something going on in the brain of a woman at this stage in her life … There is substance to their complaints that their memory is a bit fuzzy.”

Weber finishes with some advice for women experiencing these problems :

“When someone gives you a new piece of information, it might be helpful to repeat it out loud, or for you to say it back to the person to confirm it … it will help you hold onto that information longer … Make sure you have established that memory solidly in the brain … You need to do a little more work to make sure the information gets into your brain permanently. It may help to realize that you shouldn’t expect to be able to remember everything after hearing it just once.”

Could you just run that by me again?

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