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What does caffeine do to you?



What does caffeine do to you?

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Written by: Hannah

Most of us rely on a coffee or a cup of tea to get us going in the morning and I doubt we view ourselves as addicted to caffeine but have you ever considered you might be?

Caffeine is an addictive substance which is found in many drinks such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, fizzy drinks such as Coke and Diet Coke and energy drinks like Red Bull and Relentless. Energy drinks tend to have the highest amounts of caffeine in. Caffeine is also found in chocolate.

So what does caffeine do to you? Essentially it speeds up every metabolic response within your body, in particular central nervous system responses, which is why it gives you the feeling of being more awake and alert. However, for some people caffeine can speed up other responses such as digestive responses  which can be less pleasant. Other side effects of caffeine include:

  • induction or exacerbation of anxiety
  • headaches
  • sleeplessness
  • trembling
If you experience these symptoms after consuming caffeine, it is worth cutting down or avoiding caffeine altogether.
There is a suggestion that caffeine can aid fat loss however, there is no real evidence to suggest this and therefore there is no evidence to suggest drinking more than the recommended 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day can have any beneficial effect on weight loss.  The current recommended intake per day is 300mg. During pregnancy, the advice to is to limit caffeine to 2 cups of coffee/ tea a day maximum.
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