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Lunchtime Workouts

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Lunchtime Workouts

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Written by: Aimee Rogers

Do you want to squeeze in a lunchtime run or exercise class but worried about spending the rest of the afternoon in the office looking like a sweaty betty?

Lunch time work outs are perfect, because of the time restriction placed on you to get back to work you take shorter rests and so work harder and get more out of the session.


If you don’t have shower facilities in your place of work concentrate on doing some toning and strength work which won’t get you as sweaty. Leave the cardio work for the weekends. Once you have finished your workout wipe yourself down with a dry towel and then apply some baby powder, not only will this absorb any moisture still on your skin it also smells nice. A quick freshen up with some deodorant wipes on your underarms and then a spray of deodorant and you will be fresh as a daisy.


Invest in some dry shampoo to give your hair a quick pick me up after a lunchtime workout. Spray some dry shampoo onto the roots, brush through (ideally with a natural bristle brush) and then pull hair into a low bun.


If you need to, wipe any excess make up off with some beauty wipes, especially if mascara has smudged around the eyes. Reapply minimum make up to let your post workout glow shine though!

Be proud, if people ask you where you have been or why your hair style has changed from the morning, tell them why! You will be surprised at how many people want to join in your new lunch time routine.

About the Author

Aimee Rogers
Sheffield based Personal Trainer who helps women to start seeing real results from their fitness programme.

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