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Look great in your Little Black Dress



Look great in your Little Black Dress

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Written by: Hannah
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Top tips for looking amazing in your Little Black Dress
It’s often harder to stick to eating healthily at this time of year. Christmas parties, family visits and an array of tasty food and drink can make healthy eating go out the window. Here are a few tips to stay healthy:
• Control your portion sizes! Pile your plate with vegetables and have a little bit of the unhealthy things.
• Cut the fat off meat and don’t eat the skin as it is full of Calories.
• Grill or bake foods rather than frying as this is healthier.
• Limit alcohol consumption- this can be tricky at party time but give your liver a rest at least 3 nights a week and make sure you drink plenty of water to help minimise hangovers
• Beware of your mixers! Full fat fizzy drinks and fruit juices are full of sugar and therefore Calories, switching to diet will save many Calories.
• Snacks such as salted nuts and crisps are full of fat, salt and sugar. If you are tempted by foods like this, don’t buy them or make sure you put them away from where you are sitting.
• Put fruit and vegetable sticks out as healthier options and dip accompaniments
• Creamy sauces are full of Calories so use a lighter version or substitute with crème fraiche which is lower fat.
• Try to stick to 3 meals a day as skipping meals generally means you eat more later.
• Get some exercise in! Get the whole family out for a brisk walk or family bike ride
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