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Incredible Tips to Slow Down the Ageing Process NOW!

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Incredible Tips to Slow Down the Ageing Process NOW!

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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Ok this is what we’re all after,the Holy Grail of youth, well the theory is that if you give the body the right nutrition and living conditions it will do a lot to put things right itself.  Problem is, it’s so easy to have that take away or a few too many glasses of wine at the weeken – so what age do things start to drop off and go down hill.


Let’s start with the grey matter which starts to deteriorate from 20 as the number of nerve cells or neurones decline and by 40 we could be losing up to 10 000 neurones per day, hence the term ‘senior moment’

Weapons of action

Supplements such as bee pollen, ginkgo and royal jelly can help.

Recently a group of ‘senior’ celebs were given simple tasks to do to stretch them and they massively improved in all aspects.

Our vote is keep active and keep learning, find something fun to do even if it does embarrass the kids.


The lungs start to age at just 20 years old and breathlessness can start as early as 40 – can be partly down to muscles in the rib cage getting stiff.

Weapons of choice

Aerobic exercise – exercise those lungs, whether it be walking, swimming, dancing, running find something you can do on a regular basis and DO IT!!!

Supplements to help.

Bee pollen, aloe vera, vitamin C, garlic


The skin starts to show signs of ageing from the mid 20’s and much as though this is inevitable as the levels of collagen and elastin diminish there is so much that we can do to slow down the process.

Weapons of choice

Most ageing is caused by the sun so protect, don’t smoke and keep alcohol down to safe limits. Easy said on these factors but if you are out in the sun use a good sun cream and make sure that you use good skin care products.

Supplements for the skin

Good essential multivitamin/multimineral, essential fatty acids, glucosamine (found in collagen tablets) vitamins C & E.


The process of hair ageing typically starts around 30. Male pattern baldness however may start to occur earlier and there is a growing rise in the ever stressful climate for people to experience alopecia. Most will have some grey hairs by the age of 35 as the body begins to lose the capacity to produce melanin (pigment) in the follicle.

Weapons of choice.

Good quality shampoo and Satura® products have been shown to treat all manner of hair problems.


Bee pollen, vitamin B group and general multivitamin/multimineral.


Muscles generally start to diminish from the 30’s and by the time we hit our 40’s if we don’t do something about it we lose between .05% and 2% of muscle bulk per year. This is a big factor in weight increase as the less muscle we have proportionately the less fat we burn.

Weapons of choice

Definitely something to work on with exercise to keep a good posture and keep burning the pounds.

Protein contributes to muscle building and particularly as a woman hits the menopause then reducing carbohydrates and having a little more protein can help in the battle to maintain weight.


Glucosamine, vitamin C, good multivit/mineral


We think of the bones as being static but they are constantly being broken down and replaced. Children’s bones repair quickly, hence they might be in a splint just a few weeks while an older person may take months for a break to mend. At 35 years old the renewal process starts to decline, this process of a bone renewing itself is called bone turnover, in a child it is around 2 years but it can take up to 10 years for this to happen as we get older.

Weapons of choice.

Gentle light weight bearing exercise to strengthen the bones, protein and calcium rich foods in the diet


Calcium, glucosamine, vitamin C and general multivit/mineral


Teeth – we forget about them until we have a problem, so look after them now!!  As we produce less saliva in the 40’s the teeth are exposed to decay. Gum disease can start much earlier if correct brushing techniques are not applied.

Weapons of action

Use a good toothbrush and pay regular visits to your dentist. Ensure your brushing technique is correct, floss and a mouthwash.


A good multivitamin/mineral and vitamin C will help to keep the gums in good health.

Eyes Aging

For most it’s reaching the dreaded 40 with many turning to reading specs from this point.

Weapons of choice

Eye exercises may help to strengthen focussing, apparently used by Paul McCartney.


Heart Aging

This is the biggy! The Heart starts to age in the 40’s as it’s ability to pump becomes less effective and blood vessels lose their elasticity.This is because blood vessels losses elasticity.

Arteries can harden and become blocked as fatty deposits form in the coronary arteries, reducing blood flow to cause angina. Men over 45 and women over 55 are at a higher risk of suffering a heat attack.

Weapons of choice

Have a check up if you have any concerns and if ok, exercise, gentle aerobic exercise will benefit.

Reduce foods with hard fat in and replace with good oils, extra virgin olive oils, grapeseed.


Essential fatty acids, grape seed extract, vitamin C and E, general multivit/mineral, garlic.

Garlic Thyme


Well assuming we haven’t pickled it the liver starts to age in our 70’s – Wow! that’s positive.

Weapons of action

A general detox is always good for the liver as it renews itself every 6 weeks.

Have a break from alcohol even if it is 1 day per week but a few days every month is good.

Drink water.

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