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Fat can make you thin

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Fat can make you thin

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Written by: Hannah

Can fat really make you thin? YES! Amazingly, it can!

Yes you read that right fat can make you thin!!

Fat is often feared by dieters but it can have a very important role in helping you lose weight. Fat gives you satiety. This means it keeps you feeling full. Fat also has a smaller impact on your blood sugar than carbohydrate which causes fewer spikes in your blood sugar and leads to less cravings than eating simple carbohydrates. Fat is also often found in less processed foods such as meat and fish and therefore the food you eat is generally healthier.

Whilst I don’t advocate a diet which has no carbs, I do think we have got our proportions of fat and carbohydrate out of balance. Too much carbohydrate can make you fat, just as too much fat can because the body stores excess carbohydrate as fat. ┬áSo how can fat make you lose weight?

So how can you change your diet to help you lose weight?

  • Eat brown/wholemeal/wholegrain sources of carbohydrates which have smaller impacts on blood sugar
  • Reduce your carbohydrate portion and increase protein portion sizes
  • Eat protein sources with meals such as meat and fish
  • Snack on fruit, vegetables, nuts (unsalted) and seeds, cubes of cheese, slices of meat
  • Eat plenty of oily fish which contains omega 3 for heart and brain function.

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