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Feel Great – Lose Weight – Get More Energy….

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Feel Great – Lose Weight – Get More Energy….

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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A lucky  few of us spent an amazing evening with celeb nutritionist, Jeannette Jackson.  Wow!! what an incredible lady, such passion, such knowledge and so wonderful.  Now here is a lady who can change the world and get Britain back on track with the way we eat.

Obesity and diabetes are already major killers in the UK, where will we be in the next 20 to 30 years, it is frightening and much of the problems are ‘fed’ by the companies who claim they are helping us to  be healthy.  Buy a low fat pasta dish in the supermarket thinking you are doing the right thing and you are buying refined carbohydrates and fats that may be low in percentages but have high levels of toxic trans fats which cause all sorts of problems from raising insulin levels to altering the  the way our cells function.  Jeannettes philosophy isn’t about being evangelical, it’s about getting the basics right so that you can enjoy a latte with friends or meeting up for a bottle of red wine.

She has put some fantastic programs together and as a group we are embarking on the Drop Zone diet to lose a little for Christmas, you actually lose quite a lot just by the sheer combinations of food that allow your body to start to function as it should do.  Have to admit I’m a little nervous at going without alcohol for 2 weeks but know that I will feel great within a couple of days and I am so looking forward to clearer brighter skin and more energy.  Jeanette could have been talking about me on the evening- feeling more tired when you get up than when you go to sleep – the 3.00 pm energy slump.  I often pull over for a 5 minute nap when I’m out on the road.

I actually love the food on the program, we just tend to get off track, so this morning I am compiling my list of things to buy and looking forward to trying manuka honey amongst the new ingredients.  You can follow my ‘journey’ (don’t you love how we are all on a journey these days!!) and may be try it out for yourself for just £19.95 by clicking here and you too can follow one of Jeannette’s programs as used by celebs to get in shape.

DAY 5 and I’m still on the program Yey!! I’ve lost 4lbs already which is great, it is the lightest I’ve been this year and it’s nice to feel full of energy.  I’ve been trialling our new collagen product too so my skin looks and feels fantastic, the first couple of days were a little difficult, but now I am in to the program full swing.  Looking forward to having completed the first week and I should be lighter than I have been for the last couple of years.

The great thing is I am losing weight from my tum and bum, how perfect is that – finding the exercises a little hard but that’s my fault for being so out of shape and sitting most of the day either in the car or at a desk.  Will sign in at the weekend to let you know how it’s going.

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