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Carbs- Friend or Foe?



Carbs- Friend or Foe?

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Written by: Hannah

Carbohydrates are frequently thought to be the reason we gain weight. But are they really the enemy?
The truth is eating more Calories than you burn off will lead to weight gain. However, carbs are often blamed as the reason. In reality, a healthy balanced diet with food from all the food groups will prevent weight gain. So how can carbs be incorporated within that?
• Eat wholemeal/wholegrain varieties to reduce the impact on blood sugar
• Combine with protein and fat to slow down energy release
• Reduce the consumption of foods such as bread and pasta which can cause bloating
• Eat more protein, fruit and vegetables and fewer carbs- meat, fish, nuts etc are more filling than a bowl of pasta
• Carbohydrate sources such as potatoes are much less processed than white pasta and bread.
If you find carbohydrates are bloating you, move away from bread and pasta and eat more potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice and cous cous which can be less bloating.
The carbohydrates to cut out are those high in sugar such as chocolate, cakes, biscuits and sweets which cause spikes in blood sugar, are high Calorie and offer very little nutritional value to your diet. These types of foods are often high fat too. Avoiding processed foods is an easy way of keeping your weight healthy and putting good food inside you which will have maximum benefits to health.

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