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The Importance of Staying Breast Cancer Aware

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The Importance of Staying Breast Cancer Aware

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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In the Uk it`s estimated that about 1 in 9 women will develop breast cancer so it`s likely that most of us will have some direct or indirect experience of the disease at some stage in our lives.

It`s thought that the cause is likely to be a combination of factors. Drinking alcohol, being overweight and not taking enough exercise can all increase your risk, amongst many others, so by adopting a healthy lifestyle you can reduce your chance of getting breast cancer. For some there will be genetic factors so being aware of your family history is also very important.

It`s vital that women of all ages regularly check their breasts. While by far the largest number of new cases are found in women over 50 years of age, breast cancer is still the second most common cancer to be diagnosed in women under 35 years old.

With more than 12,000 people dying of the disease every year in the UK, breast cancer is second only to lung cancer as a cause of death in women but early detection can play a vital role in improving your chances of surviving.

Women of all ages need to carry out regular breast examinations and should be aware what they need to look out for that may give cause for concern. Any changes in the size and shape of your breast or the skin texture could be significant. Look out for an inverted nipple and any lumps. A rash or redness on the skin or around the nipple, a discharge from the nipples or constant breast pain or pain in the armpit should be checked out by your GP. Remember to check your armpits and right up to the collarbone, as well as all parts of the breast.

While discovering any changes will be immensely worrying, it may not necessarily mean you have breast cancer and early diagnosis is important to help improve your treatment.

If you are over 50 you will be invited every three years to attend the routine breast screening programme. The programme is proven to be an effective tool in reducing the death toll from the disease and around a third of all breast cancers are diagnosed through screening so it is crucial to be screened.

For some women there may be a hereditary risk of breast cancer and if you are concerned about the history of the disease in your family you should talk to your GP. If your risk is assessed as being moderate or high you can be referred for specialist assessment and counselling.

For anyone who does require surgery for the treatment of breast cancer it`s important to wear a pair of compression hose following your operation to help minimise the risk of blood clots.

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