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Bust Busters

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Bust Busters

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Written by: Aimee Rogers

If you want to change your body shape but don’t have time for the gym these are my top three upper body exercises that can be done anywhere, with no equipment! Aim for 20 reps of each three times a week.

One of the tricks of getting results from your training is to constantly mix it up and not let your body get used to the same routine. There are more free downloads on my website.

Please note this programme is for people who are medically fit with no joint or health problems.

Warm up

To prepare your body for exercise and to reduce the risk of injury you should always perform a warm up. Walk up and down your stairs a few times, gradually increasing the speed. You should be slightly breathless at the end and feeling warmer but still able to hold a conversation.

Have a practice run through of all the exercises below before starting the actual routine which will also help to increase your heart rate.

Inch Worm

Starting in a plank position (hands and toes on the floor holding your body in a straight line) slowly walk your feet up to your hands so your bum is in the air. Then walk your hands out in front of you back to your starting plank position. Hold that for a few seconds without placing your knees on the floor and then continue forward.

The tricep dip

Sit on the floor with your feet together and knees bent, with your hands placed just behind your bottom, elbows slightly bent and fingers facing forwards.

Lift your bottom up off the floor, keeping your feet still and straightening your arms, then slowly lower until your bottom is just above the floor. Immediately rise back up again and repeat.

The press up

Lie face down on the floor with your palms flat at shoulder level, but slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Keep your legs and feet together.  Start with semi push-ups, with your knees on the ground.

Push your body up off the floor, straightening your arms. Keep your palms in the same position and your body straight, being careful not to arch your back. Pause for a second, then lower your body gently towards the floor, bending your arms. This is one rep.



About the Author

Aimee Rogers
Sheffield based Personal Trainer who helps women to start seeing real results from their fitness programme.

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