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An Incredible Product for Delicious Smudge Free Eyes…

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An Incredible Product for Delicious Smudge Free Eyes…

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

 What makes blinc mascara so much better than other waterproof mascaras? This amazing product can give you dramatic sexy eyes for the beach, pool or club

 Did you know?

Most waterproof mascaras use an oil or wax to repel water. To keep the oil or wax solvent an alcohol or petrochemical is needed. This combines the oil / wax with a pigment  creating a paint like base which when brushed onto the eye lashes quickly evaporates, leaving the waxy or oily film of pigment on the lashes. Apart from additions to create  longer lashes, fatten, volumise, lengthen or condition, that’s pretty much the base of the vast majority of ‘waterproof’ mascaras.

 The problem
Because alcohol / petrochemical evaporates quickly on your lashes, so it does in your mascara tube. If you like to pump the brush into the tube to get big helpings of mascara  onto your lashes, that will speed drying time in the tube even more, so definately don’t do that!


Another problem
You already know this but just for the record, oil or wax bases aren’t great at holding the pigment in place. The result of this is smudged or streaked eyes and face if you get caught in a downpour or if you if you shed tears. Its a problem that often strikes at the worst possible times. Use the mascara when its starting to dry in the tube and you’ll suffer clumping and flaking.

And another problem
Wax or oil doesn’t come off with anything less than an alcohol based make up remover and even then its not that easy to get off, quite apart from the harm being done to the skin around your eyes.
You are probably asking yourself why I am telling you this. Well its mainly to explain why we price blinc at £18.50. The recent increase is mostly due to the new VAT rate. We’ve kept the price the same for many years now so thats a very modest increase. Here’s why blinc costs more than the average waterproof mascara; Because blinc uses water as its base it stays usable for much longer than those mentioned above. So long as you replace the brush and secure it properly it will stay usable to the bottom of the tube. So unless you use a lot of mascara you won’t need to buy so frequently, saving money in the long run.
If you’re a blinc user you will already know that you experience none of the above problems. The exact reasons why this is the case may not be that clear to you, quite possibly you don’t care just so long as it works.

How does blinc mascara work?
I’ll make this quick, so please stay with me.
Blinc uses water as its base and combines a coloured polymer into the solution which is what remains on your lashes when the water evaporates. There is a tiny amount of alcohol which keeps the mascara free of germs in the tube. Because water is simply the carrier, once it evaporates the polymer sets to form smudge free run resistant tubes on your lashes. It’s going nowhere, even if it gets wet. The mascara in the bottle doesn’t dry out like oil or wax mascara, so lasting longer. It only needs warm water splashed over the face and gentle pressure to slide the tiny tubes away complete, so no residue to cause eye irritation or smokey eye. Lastly, all blinc cosmetics are suitable for use by vegans.

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