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Sugaring for a Beautiful Hair Free Body

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Sugaring for a Beautiful Hair Free Body

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

This ancient tradition has been passed down through the generations. It originated in the Middle East and was the method used to remove all body hair of the bride to be.

A sugar paste is mixed and applied to the skin in a rolling and kneading action lifting the hair with the root to leave it hair free and smooth. It is similar to waxing but typically not as painful as small amounts are done at any one time. The traditional method is a paste of sugar, lemon and water heated together until it caramelizes.

The same ball of paste is used over and over again upon the client and then thrown away after treatment. The paste is now made commercially and training courses are held on the method of treatment.

Strip sugar can also be used, heated in a pot just as conventional wax would be. it is applied with a spatula and removed with paper or cotton fabric, pulling the hair out from the root. (please see the waxing protocol).

The skin will stay smooth and hair free for several days to weeks just as with waxing.

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