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Diamond Touch…A Different Kind of Microdermabrasion

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Diamond Touch…A Different Kind of Microdermabrasion

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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Diamond Touch………. a different type of microdermabrasion

I am 40 and have the usual suspects of skin problems for my age (crow’s feet, ‘number 11’ lines…you get the picture) and some that aren’t necessarily typical for my age range.I have a predominantly oily skin – benefits = not too wrinkly, drawbacks = anti-ageing skincare is usually aimed at dry skin.I have been unhappy about the appearance, texture and colour of the skin on my face for a long time and now the wrinkles are becoming less laughter lines and more just old-age wrinkles – it was time to take some action!

But the main issue and the ones that do bother me are the blemishes that Mother Nature gave me in exchange for my child.I had my baby girl when I was 34 and I went from having nice a (tad oily, but nice) skin to looking like a Deep Pan Double Pepperoni – especially round the jawline.And then came along the pigmentation mask with pregnancy – I resembled a racoon for a while with a definite brown “mask” around my eyes and nose.I still have some slight patches that drive me nuts! Yes I am good with makeup but I would rather not have the pesky brown staining. So we move on and my Little Princess is nearly 6 but I still have the remnants of the hormonally-caused marking on my skin.

I have talked to therapists and clients alike about microdermabrasion but to be honest, it sounded brutal.There were lots of comments from past recipients along the lines of “Yeah it did reduce the appearance of my lines but it was uncomfortable and sore for a few days”.Hmmmmm – as a client facing business woman I couldn’t risk not being able to wear my war paint for a couple of days or walk round looking like I had gravel rash on my face!

Then someone whispered in my ear about The Diamond Touch Microdermabrasion System.Along with the reduction in fine lines there was talk of reduction in age spots and pigmentation, of acne scar improvement and the relief of congested skin with open pores and comedones.The big selling point for me was that it was said to be gentle and uses technology that doesn’t involve blasting the skin with crystal particles ala road resurfacing!

This revolutionary technology using permanent diamond wants so no particles remain the treated face, you can wash your skin immediately afterwards with no adverse reaction and you can definitely feel and see an immediate effect. “I’m in!” I cried and booked a slot with Kathryn Danzey from The Diamond Touch; she is a nationwide renowned therapist who has now dedicated her life to spreading the good news about this amazing system and travels the UK training therapists to use it.

Kathryn got me on the couch, discussed any possible contraindications in my past medical history etc and then took off my make up (and no – a trowel wasn’t required on this occasion thank you very much!).She started the machine gently touching my skin with it in a sweeping linear motion, checking if it felt OK and wasn’t uncomfortable.It wasn’t – in fact it felt very gentle and pleasant!The machine also has a vacuum system so exfoliated skin cells are removed and the action assists in lymphatic drainage alongside the rebuilding of collagen and elastin.The vacuum also plays an excellent part in removing comedones and milia of which I did have plenty!

After a short time Kathryn was able to turn up the intensity of the machine as it really didn’t get uncomfortable at all.The machine uses technology originally invented by NASA that incorporates silver impregnanted carbon for superior filtration. I was a complete sceptic prior to my treatment and to be honest, something that felt that pleasant surely couldn’t be doing my skin some evident good, could it?Well it could and it did. I was thrilled that at the end of the treatment I could see my skin was definitely brighter and clearer and felt so soft it was lovely and I couldn’t stop touching it.

That night I cleansed as usual using my muslin cloth system and slathered some night cream on.My skin sucked it in instantly – not because it was dry in any way – but because the upper layer of dead skin cells had been sucked away revealing soft – and dare I say plump – skin underneath.

The next morning I couldn’t believe how rejuvenated my skin looked – despite a night of broken sleep thanks to my Little Princess.I can’t wait to have a second treatment as the recommended amount is a minimum of 6 for dramatic and long lasting results and I am booked in this week for round two!

Check out for information aboutThe Diamond Touch and don’t forget to watch for my weekly updates on the transformation of my skin thanks to these fantastic treatments.I will also be trialling some other goodies and will give you all an honest, down to earth review after each.
Victoria Roberts – Director


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