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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

What is progestogen?

Progesterone is one of two female hormones produced by the ovary. Progestogen is a group of hormones with activities similar to progesterone.

How may progestogen treatment help me?

Progestogen may be useful in the following situations:
1. Treatment of heavy period (menorrhagia)
2. Treatment of bleeding in between periods (intermenstrual bleed)
3. Treatment of pre-menstrual spotting
4. Regulation of irregular period
5. Treatment of endometriosis
6. Treatment of over activity of cells from the lining of the womb (endometrial hyperplasia)

How should I take the medication?

In most cases, you should take the medication in a cyclical fashion, from day 5 to 25 of the cycle. Day 1 of the cycle refers to the first day of the menstruation. The usual dose is norethisterone 5 mg tablet three times per day, occasionally you may be advised to take the tablet twice a day (if three times a day produces side effects) or to take the tablet four times a day (if three times per day is not sufficient to achieve therapeutic effect).

In the treatment of endometriosis, you may be asked to take the hormone in a continuous fashion and at high doses e.g. provera (medroxyprogesterone acetate) 10 mg tablet three times per day.
What are the side effects?

Side effects of progestogen treatment include:
weight gain, fluid retention, pre-menstrual symptoms including irritability and feeling depressed, acne

Rarely, some women may experience:
rash, changes in hair growth, tummy upset

Don’t be scared of the above list. Most women taking progestogen do not experience significant side effects.

What should I do if I develop side effects?

In this situation contact Mr Li or your GP to ask if the dose may be reduced or if the medication ought to be stopped altogether.

Prof T C Li
Consultant Gynaecologist
7 Williamson Road
Sheffield S119AR
Tel: 0114 2550365
March 2007

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