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What is HSG?

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What is HSG?

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

A HSG test is an X-ray examination to check that your fallopian tubes are open, and to look at the shape of the uterus.

When is it safe to have the test done?

The HSG has to be carried out between the first and tenth day of your menstrual cycle (day one being the first show of your period) shortly after your period has stopped.

E.g. If you bleed for 5 days we will try our best to do the test during the next five days (ie days 6-10).

The start of your period, however light, is counted as day one. If you are over 10 days from the start of your period you will not be able to have the test done that month.

What will happen during my HSG?

During your HSG you will be asked to lie on an X-ray table (in a similar position to when you have a smear test done).

A doctor will place a speculum in your vagina, and then put a small tube into the neck of the womb.

The doctor then injects a small amount of X-ray contrast (an iodine-based clear fluid) into the womb, and X-ray pictures are taken of the womb and fallopian tubes.

Does it hurt?

The HSG can cause mild cramping for about 5 minutes (a bit like the beginning of a period).
This usually happens when the fluid is put into the womb.

Some women feel a little uncomfortable for an hour or so afterwards. You may take paracetamol, or whatever you take for period pains, before the test if you wish.

Who is in the X-ray room with me?

There will always be two females in the room with you (an assistant, and a radiographer) plus the doctor.

After the HSG

After the test you will be given a sanitary towel to wear, as you may have a little bleeding.

The report will be sent to Mr. Li who will contact you with the results a few days later.

Prof T C Li
Consultant Gynaecologist

7 Williamson Road

Sheffield S119AR

Tel: 0114 2550365

March 2007

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