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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

A vaginal ring pessary is a plastic, flexible ring that comes in different sizes. It is used to treat vaginal prolapse.

How does a vaginal ring pessary work?

The ring pessary is inserted high into the vagina where it then supports the vagina and prevents the womb (uterus) and neck of the womb (cervix) from coming down (descending).

What are the benefits of a vaginal ring pessary?

The pessary reduces the prolapse and relieves symptoms in the vagina, bowel, and bladder and may relieve lower back pain.

Are there any side effects when having a vaginal ring pessary?

Yes there are some side effects and these may include:

• Slight discomfort during and after the ring pessary is inserted
• Vaginal discharge
• Vaginal bleeding / soreness (caused by the pessary rubbing against the neck of the womb/ vaginal wall)

However, complications can be avoided by ensuring the vaginal ring pessary is the right size, in the correct position and changed when instructed by Prof Li.

What if the pessary feels uncomfortable, becomes loose or falls out?

If you are experiencing any discomfort or if your pessary becomes loose or falls out you should contact Prof Li.

Can I continue to have sexual intercourse?

Yes. Women should feel comfortable when having sexual intercourse whilst a vaginal ring pessary is in place.

Will I be able to have a bath or swim with a vaginal ring pessary in place?

The vaginal ring pessary should not interfere with activities such as swimming or bathing. It is important to maintain good hygiene with a pessary in place to reduce the risk of infection.

When should I contact Prof Li?

You should contact him if you have any concerns about your vaginal ring pessary. For instance, if you:

• Experience any vaginal pain or soreness
• Have increased vaginal discharge or bleeding.
• Feel that the ring pessary has become loose or fallen out

Will I need to return for a check up?

All patients with a vaginal ring pessary will be asked to return every 4- 6 months for the pessary to be changed. You may be asked to attend more often if you have had any problems or complications.

Prof T C Li
Consultant Gynaecologist
7 Williamson Road
Sheffield S119AR
Tel: 0114 2550365
March 2007

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