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What ever Happened to Hands?

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What ever Happened to Hands?

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

The hands of the Therapist should always be their most treasured piece of equipment with unlimited effects and ability. To be at one with your hands and to develop this ability is the only way a Therapist will discover what manual massage can achieve for both the client and herself.

To define and explore the underlying structures of facial and body tissue, to tune into the texture of the deeper strata of the muscles beneath and constantly question their condition and form, seems to be a fast fading dimension in this beauty conscious technological world we live in.

The hands of the Therapist should always be their most treasured piece of equipment with unlimited effects and ability. To be at one with your hands and to develop this ability is the only way a Therapist will discover what manual massage can achieve for both the client and herself.

A most important requirement for a really good manual facial or body massage is thoughtful concentration, based upon a sound knowledge of facial anatomy, gliding flexible hands and a caring attitude. A deep sense of touch is vital to the Therapist and can only be achieved with long and careful practice. A selection of hand mobility exercises performed daily will help in keeping the hands supple.

As a general rule, the age of the client together with the condition of his/ her skin and the frequency of the treatment will govern the success of the massage given. Alike with body massage, an even tempo will usually induce relaxation. It is only when a client has achieved this relaxed state that the movements and manipulations will be fully effective and evident. The ultimate purpose of a good facial or body massage is to increase natural cellular regeneration. When applied with skill and care the massage should stimulate the surface tissue to aid the removal of dead surface cells and increase the basal layer activity. The degree of manual pressure is at the discretion of the therapist in relation to the muscle bulk and skin type of the client.


As with every treatment you give, preparation is of the utmost importance

The facial chair should be at the correct height for ease of massage.

The room should be warm.

Lighting should be subdued.

Hands should be clean warm and smooth with short well groomed fingernails.

Working clothes should be clean and comfortable and shoes worn that are appropriate for the task.

Confer with your client.

Check with care for contra-indications.

Advise that the less clothing worn the better for maximum results.

Request the removal of all kinds of jewels and place them in a safe place.

This careful preparation can make a good treatment seem even better; your client will gain extra benefit and, therefore so will you.

Peace and quietness are most important; ambient noise and bustle can be extremely disconcerting for the client who is here to enjoy and relax.

Nothing can destroy an otherwise good treatment more quickly than the client suffering physical coldness. The temperature should be maintained at a minimum of 70 degrees F.

Never allow bright lights to fall directly upon the client’s face; even with the eyes closed the surrounding muscles will become tensed. It is then preferable to avoid direct overhead lighting.

The condition of the Therapists hands is of vital importance: They must be smooth and warm. Make quite certain that the fingernails are not too long!

For your own benefit as well as the client provide water and /or fruit juice. A thirsty client is an unhappy one!


The speed with which you conduct the massage whether it is for body or face should be consistent throughout the treatment. This is a critical element in establishing a good rapport and in making her feel secure and confident in your hands.


Strive to establish a constant rhythm in your movements and breathing throughout the massage; it will be far less tiring if you search for and achieve a natural rhythm. The hands should be loose and flexible so that they can be moulded to fit the contours over which they are to pass. Try to eliminate unnecessary stops and starts and produce gradual changes in either speed or pressure of your movements.

Variation in massage is akin to variation in music. Providing they are smooth the changes in tempo will avoid rhythmic monotony. Explore and define the underlying structures of the clients face or body you are massaging. Make your hands constantly question. Make your hands listen to the tissue and bone beneath them. Tune your hands into the deeper strata of the muscles: Are they thick or thin? Tight or loose? Formless or distinct? The more precisely your hands learn to achieve this knowledge the more successful will be your massage.


At it’s best, massage makes use of specific techniques that have been woven into continuous flowing movements that were inventive and spontaneous. Your hands must find a natural way to glide from one movement to another. The client should be unable to detect where the one hand ended and the other began.

Massage is basically non-verbal and best carried out in complete silence. Let your hands do the talking as well as the listening and focus your attention on your sense of touch.


Massage is an art form and as in any artistic expression there are basic tools and

Procedures. Therefore you must develop your art and yourself as an artist.

Make a pact with yourself that every massage you give will be an improvement on

the one given previously, and you will consequently be a step nearer perfection –

and thus a successful and very rewarding career.

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