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Nutrition for Acne

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Nutrition for Acne

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

When it comes to eating for beauty the very first thing to understand is that eating food serves many more functions than simply providing energy for you to just get through the day. In this instance the often-used saying ‘you are what you eat’ couldn’t be more true. Applied Nutrition Therapists and Naturopaths know from long experience. Hair, skin and nails are usually the first things to suffer if you have a nutritional deficiency or imbalance.

It is not difficult to see why this would be the case. Our bodies will invariable need to prioritize nutrition for brain function and the supporting major organs i.e. heart, lungs, kidney, liver etc. Nutrients that contribute to lush hair, strong nails and clear skin will be readily scavenged if our bodies have a deficiency or imbalance. This is why beauty needs to be seen as a whole person exercise. If you are overfed and undernourished, which most people in this country are, just applying a lotions to hair or creams to the skin etc is likely to have a limited effect. But combining your existing beauty regime with an improved eating pattern and appropriate supplementation you are bound to get better results. Based on years clinical experience we know this approach to beauty also provides a useful bonus. i.e. when you feed skin, hair and nails from the inside there are anti-ageing benefits and there is invariably profound enhanceme nt of vitality as well as beauty.

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Kathryn Danzey
I have a passion to bring to you what really works in the beauty industry, from a moisturiser to the latest advanced treatment for anti ageing. After almost 4 decades in the industry I'm packed with info to share but never tire of looking for new things and would love you to share your experiences with us too. We're here to help you find that treatment or product that will make a change for you. Can't do without My Collagen Shots and H3O Night Repair. Love a great serum and UV protection

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