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Manicure Case Study for Beauty Students

Beauty Students


Manicure Case Study for Beauty Students

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

Manicure Case Study

Trolley Set Up

        • Antiseptic wash
        • Nail enamel remover
        • Cuticle massage cream
        • Cuticle liquid remover
        • Buffing cream
        • Chamois buffer
        • Top coat
        • Coloured nail enamels
        • Base coat
        • Emery boards
        • Spatulas (to decant creams)
        • Hoof stick
        • Tissues
        • 3 small towels (1 lined with tissue)
        • Barbacide glass (filled with barbacide & water mix) Cuticle knife, cuticle clippers, scissors & nail clippers placed inside to sterilise
        • Covered orange wood sticks
        • Bowl for cotton wool discs & buds
        • Bowl lined for wastage
        • Bowl lined with tissue for clients’ jewellery
        • 2 x Dappen dishes filled with warm soapy water

Preparation of Work Area

Unfolded table to suitable height, wiped with surgical spirit and covered it with tissue roll

        • Placed a seat either side of table, 1 for client & 1 for myself
        • Wiped trolley with surgical spirit and covered it with tissue roll
        • Trolley placed next to my seat
        • Small towel across table (to dry client’s hands)
        • Small towel folded, lined with tissue & placed in centre of table (to rest client’s hands)
        • Small towel to place on my knee to wipe my hands if needed

My client arrived & I greeted her warmly. I seated my client comfortably and asked if she would read and complete a client consultation form. When my client had completed the form I could also physically check for any contra-indications.

I also asked about my client’s occupation & what home care of the nails she undertook. As a school lunchtime assistant she kept her nails clean & reasonably short, but, as a mum of two young children didn’t really have time to do much more. I asked how she would like her nails to look & she asked for same length, rounded shape with smooth neutral coloured enamel. This consultation allowed me to understand what my client’s needs were and I was able to fill in her record card also.

Manicure procedure-What I did

I offered my client a lined bowl and asked if she could remove her jewellery & place inside.
I washed my hands with antiseptic wash and taking my client’s right hand washed it with antiseptic wash also.
Using nail enamel remover I removed old enamel from my client’s nails, starting with her thumb nail & then little finger to index finger.
Taking an emery board & holding it by the widest angle I held it at a 45 degree angle under the nail plate, firmly holding my client’s finger at either side of the nail I began filing each nail drawing smoothly from the middle of the side to the centre, & repeated on the other side then to the tip.
I explained to my client that filing back & forth can cause nails to split as this motion separates & weakens the nails. Once I had achieved the required length & shape I asked my client if she was happy with the result, she was.
Using a spatula I decanted some cuticle cream & used a dressed orange wood stick to apply to each of her nails, massaged using my thumbs softening the nail cuticle & surrounding area & then placed her right hand into a dappen dish filled with warm soapy water.

Whilst my client’s right hand was soaking I repeated the treatment to my client’s left hand.

After placing my client’s left hand into another dappen dish I removed the right hand from soaking & dried with the prepared towel.

When my client’s right hand was dry I applied cuticle remover, with a covered orange wood stick, to each finger nail & free edge, explaining to my client each stage of the treatment. Working on the nail plate using a cuticle hoof gently pushed the cuticle back & cleaned the free edge of the nail.
Using a cuticle knife, taken from the barbacide, I used small circles flat against the nail from one side to the centre & from the other side to centre to remove any cuticle that was stuck on the nail plate (making sure nail was wet). I returned the right hand back to soak in the dappen dish.

Whilst my client’s right hand was soaking, I took my client’s left hand from its water, dried the hand and repeated the treatment.

After placing my client’s left hand back to soak I left it for a couple of minutes whilst I removed my client’s right hand from the water and dried with a towel. After leaving my client’s left hand soak for a few minutes I removed it from the water also and dried it too with a towel.

After both hands were dry I could check for any loose or jagged cuticle edges. My client had jagged edges on two nails only, which I removed using cuticle clippers taken from the barbacide.
Using a spatula I decanted some buffing paste & with a covered orange stick applied to each nail, smoothing using my thumbs & then buffing each finger nail in one direction with a chamois buffer. I explained to my client that this procedure gave nails shine and smoothness.

Following this I told my client I was now going to massage her hands and arms.

Massage Routine

-Warm hand cream between palms of hand
-Take hold of client’s right hand first
-Effleurage right hand and arm 6 times
-Thumb frictions to Carpal bones
-Thumb frictions to Metacarpals with a deep return
-Turn hand over, thumb friction to Carpal bones inside the wrist
-Zig Zag movements with thumbs over palm of hand with deep returns 3 times
-6 deep stroking movements over Thenar & Hypothenar muscles
-Turn hand over, thumb frictions over each finger working left to right from the top to tip, claw & push to top, half turn & pull back to tip
-Support client’s arm, circle hand clockwise & anti-clockwise, gently ease wrist left, back & right down 6 times
-Alternate kneading to forearm
-Effleurage arm 6 times.

Place right arm back to rest on lined towel & repeat massage to left hand and arm.

Once massage was complete I returned to my client’s right hand and applied oily remover onto a cotton disc & using disc removed any remaining product from each of my client’s finger nails-I repeated this to the left finger nails. This is called ‘squeaking’ the nails! I explained to my client that if the nail plate was not free from products then the nail coats & enamel would not stick well & would produce a poor result. Now the nails had been squeaked they were ready for enhancement, but before I continued I asked my client to take her jewellery from the bowl & put her rings back on so as not to smudge the enamel I was going to apply.

In my client’s consultation she asked for a neutral looking nail enamel, we looked together at the shades of enamel and she chose a bronze 60 second drying enamel. This would be suitable for everyday wear and for employment standards.

Starting with my client’s right hand thumb nail I applied base coat (sticky base for liquid enamel) using only 3 strokes & continued applying to the rest of the fingernails right to left so as not to cross over myself. Once right hand was finished I applied base coat to the left hand using same procedure.

Once the base coat had dried, again starting with the right hand I began applying the bronze nail enamel, using only 3 strokes, thumb first and right to left so as not to smudge the enamel.
I repeated this to left hand using the same technique.
Once the first coat had dried I applied another coat to the right hand & then to the left. I asked my client if she was happy with the depth of colour which she was so I did not need to apply another coat. Once coat had dried I then applied a top coat, again starting with the right hand & then the left hand. I explained that the top coat would protect the enamel from chipping, scratching & help it last longer.
After the application was complete I checked the finished finger nails & noticed two nails had a little enamel on the nail folds so I dipped a cotton bud into the nail enamel remover and gently & accurately removed the enamel from the folds. The finger nails looked very neat & smooth.

The manicure procedure was now complete. I asked my client to sit for a while until the base coat was completely dry as I did want the end result to be smudged & messy.

Client after Care Advice

-Use cuticle cream & moisturiser to keep hands, cuticles & surrounding areas soft so as not to dry when enduring the elements & environmental chemicals.
-Always wear gloves when hands will be in water; washing dishes, using detergents & chemicals.
-Do not file backwards & forwards.
-Use ph soaps

-Don’t over apply varnish & always apply base coat so as not to discolour the nail.
-If nails split they should be mended or cut off to prevent infection or further injury.
-Have a healthy diet as good diet helps with the condition of the nail.
-Drink plenty of water as this helps to strengthen nails.
-Return for a manicure in approx 4-6 weeks (regular manicures will reduce infection, strengthen nails reducing brittleness & keep hands looking smooth, attractive & shapely)

Client Remarks

I asked my client how she felt & if she had enjoyed her manicure. My client said she had felt very comfortable, relaxed & pampered. She was very pleased with the end result & said that I had helped her understand more about nail care by explaining each part of the manicure to her. She said she was also very grateful for the after-care advice and she definitely would return to me for more treatment. I arranged to treat my client again in 5 weeks.

After my client had left I returned my products & implements to their appropriate place & discarded all waste. I wiped trolley & table with surgical spirit & returned them to their appropriate place.

I felt I had done a really good manicure. My client care was friendly & knowledgeable, and my manicure technique was professional. I felt I had assessed my client’s needs & as a result had successfully met my client’s expectations.

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