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Healthy Weight Control

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Healthy Weight Control

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

Here at Beauty Business News we know one diet can not fit all and offer information on the many programs out there, most of which are based on sound nutrition. However a program designed for maximum nutrition is the best of all as the body will thrive on such a program – giving vitality and a clearer brighter skin. Brian Hampton from the Caring Clinic in Sheffield wrote this article for BBN.
The diet industry implies that weight control is easy but as many, many people have found to their cost reduced calorie diets can provoke more problems than they solve.

The first thing to understand with any weight control programme is that any scheme or concept that does not encourage long-term commitment is not going to be successful. i.e. if you loose weight rapidly over a short time frame you will most likely put back more than you have lost when you return to “normal eating”. Ideally your weight control strategy should include a new normal eating pattern. This should include foods that provide vitality so that you feel more able to exercise. Exercise does not necessarily involves gyms or crippling exercise programmes but without a commitment to some daily activity, albeit, dance, gardening, etc you will not develop muscle. Without muscle you cannot burn fat. Walking half an hour a day is one of the best thing we, as the human animal, can do.

There are many reasons why people become overweight and poor food selection is always a major factor, usually through lack of knowledge, and can be the simplest to address. For many people looking at the emotional factors involved can be equally important. There are many common factors for everyone when it comes to food selection, emotional factors can be very individualistic and not easily addressed in a short article.

In his book “The 90% Diet” Brian Hampton Dip. I.O.N. makes the point that incentive is the key issues when it comes to change. Writing down in a journal, or some other equally important booklet like a diary, the perceived benefit of weight control can be very helpful, i.e. when the going gets tough you can more readily focus on the benefit than the difficulty. Another useful technique is to dispense with the scales and rely more on a tape measure or the fit and the size of the clothes that you can comfortably wear. If weekly you measure, bust/chest, waist, hips, individually both thighs and the bicep area of the arms and summate you will find inches/centimeters begin to fall more markedly than weight drops. Record this in the journal and congratulate your self! Trousers fitting better and/or dropping a dress size is more important and more beneficial than simple weight loss. The reason is simple, to loose weight it is essential to build muscle and muscle weighs a great deal more than fat and takes up much less room, i.e. heavier but smaller.

One key to healthy eating and weight control is to understand the value of the G.I. Index, or better still G.L. Index. The Glucose Index reflects what 50 grams of the named food will do to body glucose. In essence this means glucose (refined sugar) is high G.I. i.e. 100, where as nuts, beans, pulses and most vegetables fit in the lower end of the index, i.e. 20 or lower. Armed with this index and selecting foods rated 50 or less will have a positive influence on health and weight control. G.L. takes things a stage further by relating to how much carbohydrate there is in a particular food, excluding the water content. This very sensibly brings more fruit into the lower end of the index. To follow this route use “The Holford GL Counter” and or read his book “The low GL Diet Book”. The 90% Diet book covers the basics in a simplified form (not to much reading) and does not involve indexes but works very well if followed fairly closely. Interestingly following these ideas usually means that you can eat more and yet still loose weight.

As with all health issues it is better to work with an Applied Nutrition Therapist, for one thing having the opportunity to provide and receive feedback can help to keep you on track. The therapist will know where you can reasonably compromise and where compromise is not wise.

Most people are overfed and undernourished, this in its self will cause weight gain. Using appropriate supplements, not as a substitute for eating better will reduce the urge to eat inappropriately. Think in terms of a powerful multivitamin, vitamin C, multi-minerals as available form independent health food stores or clinics. Chromium is also likely to be needed to stabilize body glucose. It could be time to get some professional advice.

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