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Finance for the Beauty Industry

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Finance for the Beauty Industry

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

Most salon owners, tend to use finance to acquire new equipment, as they are able to pay for their equipment as it generates profit for their businesses. It is Tax Efficient – which effectively means that all payments can be offset against the Salon’s gross profit. i.e.100% allowable against tax!

In the current climate and over the past 18 months, more and more Salon owners have been opting to Finance their equipment as they can actually break down the cost and calculate just how many treatments that they would have to do per month to cover the monthly payments. If budgets are restrictive and money is tight, buying equipment using finance can mean that they Salon owner can use any funds they have, for the day to day running of the business, while still having the benefit of the tax allowances!

Leasing can be incredibly beneficial as currently you can get up to 21% tax refund on equipment bought this way.  Kennet finance offer this service.

Look for a Finance company that will give you good customer service and extended flexibility.

Ask the company that you are purchasing from if they can accept payment in stages, giving you the availability to pay as you go. Many suppliers are helping therapists in a bid to keep sales moving.

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Kathryn Danzey
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