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Case Study for Eyelash Tinting

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Case Study for Eyelash Tinting

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey


-Eye make-up remover -Damp cotton wool pads
-Coloured tints -Hydrogen Peroxide
-Petroleum jelly -2 glass tint bowls
-Hand mirror -Orange wood sticks
-Shaped eye protectors -Disposable tint brushes
-Spatulas -Scissors

For method:

After wiping trolley and massage couch with surgical spirit I covered them with tissue roll and placed a small towel on the couch for my client to lay her head.

I had seen my client a few days earlier in order to perform a patch test. My client had contacted me 24 hours afterwards to let me know she had no reaction to the tint being used.

Patch Test Procedure

I wiped my client’s wrist with antiseptic wash and applied a small amount of tint. I entered these details on my client’s record card. I explained to my client that if any irritation, redness or swelling occurred then she was to wipe away the tint using nail varnish remover (she did not have any stain remover) and contact me immediately.

When my client arrived I asked her to read and complete a client consultation form. I chatted to my client and asked what she was expecting from the treatment-I could also visibly look for any contra-indications. She was fair haired and so wanted to be able to have lashes dark enough so that she did not have to apply mascara each and every morning. We discussed colours and she chose brown/black tint for her lashes and brown for her eyebrows. My clients brows were already shaped well so did not require any shaping after the treatment. Having discussed this I was able to update my clients record card.
I asked my client to make herself comfortable on the couch so that I could begin the treatment.


I washed my hands and wiped with antiseptic making sure there were no germs or dirt still on them.
Using cotton wool discs I applied eye make-up remover to remove any eye make-up and brushed the eye brows to make sure they were a good shape and neat.
I explained to my client that I was going to apply petroleum jelly to the area around her eyes so I needed her to keep her eyes closed. She wasn’t a nervous person so was quite at ease keeping her eyes closed. I used cotton buds to apply a small amount of petroleum jelly around the eye and brow and placed shaped eye discs under the eye lash and along the eye lid leaving only the lashes showing.
I mixed a small amount of brown/black tint in a tint bowl (to manufacturer’s specifications) and with a disposable brush applied the lash tint again asking my client to keep her eyes closed. I applied one eye at a time and asked her if she was ok and told her I was going to place cotton discs over her eyes. I left enough room to enable me to tint my client’s brows. I mixed the brown tint (again to manufacturers specs) in a clean tint bowl and applied to the left brow with small strokes and then to the right brow. Once I had finished the right brow I removed the tint from the left brow with damp cotton buds and repeated this to the right brow.
After another couple of minutes the eye lash tint reached its development time so taking both the eye disc and shaped pad I removed the tint from the left eye and then the right. I used damp cotton discs to remove any excess tint on both eyes and gently rolled cotton buds across the lashes to make sure no tint remained on the lashes.
I placed cotton discs into my client’s hands and asked if she would like to wipe across her eyes herself and open her eyes when she was ready. When my client had opened her eyes she was fine i.e.; no tint had entered her eyes.
I handed my client a mirror so she could see the result of the treatment.
After asking if she was happy with the result I helped my client up from couch holding her arm and shoulder.

After Care Advice

I advised my client that if any sensitivity occurred then she should not wear any make-up or use any perfumed face washing products. My client did not wear contact lenses-if she had I would have told her to avoid wearing them.
I advised if any discomfort occurred then she should use cooling eye pads or gel to soothe the skin and eyes.
I also advised that if she experienced discomfort for more than a few hours, then future similar treatments should be avoided.
Also eye rubbing should be avoided.
I asked if my client swam or was going on holiday and she wasn’t (if she swam regularly or was going on holiday I would have advised her that the tint would not last as long as 4-6 weeks).

What my client thought

My client was very happy with the result as she normally wore mascara every day and ‘drew’ her eye brows on with brow pencil, so for a few weeks she did not have to worry about doing this and this made her very happy.

Once my client had left I discarded all waste products, wiped couch and trolley with surgical spirit, washed tint bowls and placed them in Milton fluid and returned my equipment to their appropriate places.

How did I do?

I felt I did well as I assessed my clients colouring and discussed this with her and what she wanted from the treatment which resulted in a very pleasing result. My client was thrilled and so was I! I was also very pleased that I hadn’t let excess tint fall into my client’s eyes. I felt very satisfied booking another tint appointment for my client in 4 weeks time and a facial appointment in 2 weeks time -happy client, happy beauty therapist!!

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Kathryn Danzey
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