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Fungal Nail Infections

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Fungal Nail Infections

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

It is important to be able to recognise fungal infections in the nails, the nail plate will appear to be

stained green or yellow in colour. The nail be be thickened and discoloured, it may even have patches of white or yellow where the nail has lifted from the nail bed. The skin around may flake and become inflamed while gradually the nail can crumble as it becomes softened. The area can become quite sore and may require prescription of anti-fungal tablets.

Once a client has had an infection they may have recurrences, it is important to treat such conditions as athletes foot as soon as possible to prevent further problems.

Fungal infections can happen as a result f poor salon hygiene so it is imperative that you use good decontamination practices. Professional cleaning solutions such as Mundo are incredibly helpful in the battle against infections. If you should have a client that does have a fungal infection then sanitation is of paramount importance, ensure that all equipment is well decontaminated. Should you have any concerns refer your client to their GP.

There are now special low intensity lasers that can actually kill fungus within the nail, they are available at some chiropodists.

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